“The Secret Life of Mr. Kipling”
Season 1, Episode 26
Make Way for Kiplings
Air Date

September 7, 2012




Eric Dean Seaton

Episode Guide

Gotcha Day


The Whining

"The Secret Life of Mr. Kipling" (also known as Make Way for Kiplings) is the season one finale of JESSIE. It first aired on September 7, 2012.


After finding a nest of eggs on the terrace, Jessie and Ravi discover that Mr. Kipling is really Ms. Kipling, and a mom-to-be. However, after accidentally misplacing her eggs, Ravi realizes he may have to work at becoming a better grandparent to baby lizards. Meanwhile, Zuri is determined to throw the perfect funeral for her beloved invisible friend Milly the Mermaid.

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